The success of any paint application is governed
   by a number of parameters including:

  - preparation.
  - Film thickness application.
  - Methods of application.
  - Condition during application.

   Painting shall be carefully, neatly and expertly
   done in accordance with the best ship building
   practice of the trade by skilled and competent
   painters, who are thoroughly familiar with the
   type of work they are performing on the drilling

Applying the recommended number of coats to achieve the required thickness,
   using airless spray guns with the proper nozzles.
All coatings materials will be applied in strict accordance with coating manufacturer
   guide lines or data sheets, regarding surface temp., ambient temp., relative
   humidity, drying time, recoat time, handling time… etc.
Stripe coating of each paint stage will - where necessary - be performed in order to
   maintain the required DFT.
Wet film thickness WFT - will be checked after the application of each coat  using
   a comb gauge, Elcometer 112 or Elcometer 120 wet film wheel, followed by a DFT
   check when dry, using an electronic coating thickness meter, Elcometer 345.
Stitch welds, footholds, narrow gaps, where corrosion can be initiated and later
   expanded into areas generally well protected, shall be treated using the
   recommended putty.

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